Обложка книги Get The Most From Your Digital Camera

Get The Most From Your Digital Camera

ISBN: 0715318276; 5-17-033741-8; 5-271-12903-9;
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Страниц: 160

An easy-to-follow and practical guide to exactly what can be done with the digital camera. From basic information about what a digital camera can do, to simple and easy-to-follow methods of touching up your photographs, the book goes on to give invaluable tips and ideas on using digital photography to its full potential--whether that means sending family photos by email or simply creating electronic albums on your computer. Appealing to the fast-growing number of people who are replacing their point-and-shoot cameras with digitals, Simon Joinson explains the basics--how digital cameras work and basic information about image files, how to take better pictures and how to manipulate them using any of the basic free manipulation software packages available (as well as Photoshop). There is also detailed information on how best to print digital images, arrange them into electronic albums, send them by email, post them on a website, as well as a host of other uses not possible before the...