Обложка книги The Fundamentals of Photography (AVA Academia S.)

The Fundamentals of Photography (AVA Academia S.)

ISBN: 2884790500;
Издательство: AVA Publishing
Страниц: 176

Book Description Through superb images by the best contemporary professionals, plus detailed diagrams, this right-from-the-beginning guide introduces all the key elements of conventional and digital photography. In addition to unique insights into the working practices of creative photographers, it offers a thorough overview of equipment, from aperture to exposure metering; an introduction to film stock; and a look at the basics of composition, including points of interest, structure, scale, texture,shape, and pattern. Every genre receives special attention: documentary shots, landscapes, portraits, glamorous fashion images, still lifes, and "art" photographs. Find out all about lighting, processing and printing, and a range of techniques--includinghow to break the rules successfully. A glossary will get newcomers up to speed in crucial professional terminology.

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