Обложка книги Casa Susanna

Casa Susanna

ISBN: 1576872416;
Издательство: powerHouse Books
Страниц: 156

Book DescriptionSome time ago, while at a New York flea market, inveterate collectors Michel Hurst and Robert Swope discovered a large body of snapshots: album after aged album of well-preserved images, taken roughly between the mid-50s and mid-60s, depicting a group of cross-dressers united around a place called Casa Susanna, a rather large and charmingly banal Victorian-style house in small-town New Jersey. The inhabitants, visitors, guests, and hosts used it as a weekend headquarters for a regular "girl's life." Someone-probably "Susanna" or the matriarch-nailed a wonder board on a tree proclaiming it "Casa Susanna," and thus a Queendom was born. Through these wonderfully intimate shots-perhaps never intended to see the light of day outside the sanctum of the "house"-Susanna and her gorgeous friends styled era-specific fashion shows and dress-up Christmas and tea parties. As gloriously primped as these documentary snaps are, it is in the more private and intimate life at Casa...

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