Обложка книги The Art of Black and White Photography

The Art of Black and White Photography

ISBN: 1402710097;
Издательство: Sterling
Страниц: 160

Book Description Black and white photography offers an alternative way of seeing reality, a different mirror on the world, a powerful means of artistic expression. But how do you know what will be a good subject--and how to make that person, place, or still life look its best? Using 190 eloquent pictures as examples, with precise details on how they were taken and printed, an internationally acclaimed photographer provides a wealth of practical advice. Exposure, lighting, film, filters, formats, composition, and darkroom techniques: it's all covered, along with all the classic themes: producing unforgettable portraits, capturing sports and action, doing reportage, revealing the beauty of architecture or a landscape, setting up nudes, or conveying a child's innocent charm. You'll come to understand the graphic appeal of black and white, and how it highlights shapes, lines, and tones. Every image--from a boy absorbed in a toy train to a close-up of a caged leopard roaring--will be...