Обложка книги Animal Wisdom : More Animal Antics from John Lund

Animal Wisdom : More Animal Antics from John Lund

ISBN: 0740738496;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Страниц: 80

Book DescriptionJohn Lund's first book, Animal Antics, literally let the cat out of the bag about what animals do when humans aren't looking. The animals are having a ball - and reading this book, you will, too. Dogs bowl, cats meditate, puppies make awesome pyramids, and, yes, pigs even fly! Behind this hilarious expose is veteran photographer (and Photoshop wizard) John Lund. Lund uses amazing digital sleight of hand to endow a menagerie of animals with eerily and uncannily human qualities. The text ofthe book is equally amusing, reminding us that the wisdom of animals lies in their ability to live uncomplicated, fun-filled lives. Many of the images in Animal Antics have been featured in a best-selling greeting card line of the same name.

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