Обложка книги Edward and Brett Weston: Dune

Edward and Brett Weston: Dune

ISBN: 0967732123;
Издательство: Wild Horse Island Press
Страниц: 96

Book Description Dune collects, for the first time, the sand dune photographs of both Edward and Brett Weston, two giant names in modern photography. Previously, their remarkable dune photographs--dramatic abstractions of light and shadow and sensuous shape--were featured as samples in overview publications on the artists, just a picture here and there. This lush volume brings together father and son in a personal, unique fashion, showcasing the photographs each made in the same locations. Adding depth is an original essay by Brett Weston's longtime friend, traveling companion and biographer, John Charles Woods. Woods' intimate, forthcoming narrative describes what it was like to accompany the younger Weston into the dunes and what his habits and personality were like. Charis Wilson, Edward Weston's one-time wife, excerpts a passage from her acclaimed book Through Another Lens , in which she tells of a 1936 trip she and her husband made to the dunes of Oceano, California....