Обложка книги Gary Ladd's CanyonLight: Grand canyon & Lake Powell (Cerca Book)

Gary Ladd's CanyonLight: Grand canyon & Lake Powell (Cerca Book)

ISBN: 1932173013;
Издательство: Stephens Press
Страниц: 160

Gary Ladd conresses, "I'm not really so much a photographer as just a nosy soul interested in the canyons." But, Gary Ladd is far more than a mere observer. For him, photographing the wondrous and ever-changing beauty of both the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell has become an obsession. Ladd has hiked and camped the Grand Canyon over 70 times in over two decades, often carrying 80-pound packs of camera gear, and rowed a wooden dory through the Grand Canyon, to capture the images you seehere. His large-format images of scattered sunlight reverberating off the wind-sculpted canyon walls, the crosscrossing pattern of rippling water, the sharp, red jags of rock, the pinks petals of the redbud tree, illuminate the landscapes' splendor.

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