Обложка книги Photography's Other Histories (Objects/Histories)

Photography's Other Histories (Objects/Histories)

ISBN: 0822331136;
Издательство: Duke University Press
Страниц: 286

Book DescriptionMoving the critical debate about photography away from its current Euro-American center of gravity, Photography?s Other Histories breaks with the notion that photographic history is best seen as the explosion of a Western technology advanced by the work of singular individuals. This collection presents a radically different account, describing photography as a globally disseminated and locally appropriated medium. Essays firmly grounded in photographic practice?in the actual making of pictures?suggest the extraordinary diversity of nonwestern photography Richly illustrated with over one hundred images, Photography?s Other Histories explores from a variety of geographic, cultural, and historic perspectives the role of photography in raising historical consciousness. It includes two first-person pieces by indigenous Australians and one by a Seminole/Muskogee/Dine' artist. Some of the essays analyze representations of colonial subjects?from...

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