Обложка книги Robert Adams: Commercial/Residential: Landscapes Along the Colorado Front Range 1968-1972

Robert Adams: Commercial/Residential: Landscapes Along the Colorado Front Range 1968-1972

ISBN: 0971548013;
Издательство: Roth Horowitz
Страниц: 43

Book Description"To what extent can we love the developing American West? We know the urgency of that question because bitterness has sometimes made us exiles.~My first attempt to describe the region in a book ( The New West , 1974) omitted pictures that might have helped. I am grateful now to be able to reproduce them. They record a geography that is still in some respects characteristic, one where we could do better but where the rest is faultless.~At about the time I took the pictures I read an interview with Raoul Coutard, Jean-Luc Godard's cameraman. In it Coutard noted with gratitude that 'daylight has an inhuman faculty for always being perfect.' It is one of the mercies, I believe, by which each of us is allowed to live." -- Robert Adams, from Commercial/Residential Hardcover, 9 x 8 in./43 pgs / 0 color 0 BW0 duotone 40 Tritone~ Item D20170

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