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Reuters photographers

The Art of Sport: The Best of Reuters Sports Photography

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ISBN: 1903684129
Издательство: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 192
Book Description The Art of Sport offers a striking collection of sporting pictures taken by Reuters photographers who have had the vision to see and capture extraordinary moments of prowess, drama and beauty from the world of sport. A mixture of first-hand accounts and fine imagery, the photographs in this collection bring alive some of the most colorful, eventful and memorable moments in recent sporting events from around the world. They comprise a story with many threads--action, celebration,skill, power and grace--and offer some of the most spectacular and significant sporting images you will ever see. Some will be familiar, others will jog memories, but most will be seen here for the first time, and all have a story behind them. The Artof Sport sets each photograph in context, outlining the circumstances behind the image- how the photographers came to witness these events and how they managed to document them. It showcases the two essential characteristics of the...