Обложка книги Frauenzimmer: Brothels in Germany : Patric Fouad

Frauenzimmer: Brothels in Germany : Patric Fouad

ISBN: 3936636230;
Издательство: Kehrer Verlag
Страниц: 144

Book Description Since 2001, prostitution is no longer illegal in Germany. Patric Fouad gives us rare insights into the interiors of eleven rooms of brothels all over Germany. The photographer left the places he saw unchanged in order to allow the mostauthentic view of the scene. Despite the absence of any human beings, the interiors speak for themselves: The pompous elegance of some and the imaginative or reduced decoration of others suggest the wishes of the clientele that is being served. The candid images are strong in their impact and yet subtle in their implications. By leaving out the main characters, the viewer's imagination and curiosity is increased even further. A high quality coffee-table book of a different kind.