Обложка книги Beijing 10 / 2003

Beijing 10 / 2003

ISBN: 9889726211;
Издательство: Timezone 8
Страниц: 880

No temples, no palaces, no Mao badges, just the qualities of narrow spaces, congested streets, unremarkable buildings, changes in weather: everyday Beijing. This 880-page, gray brick-shaped, hardcover artist's book comprises 1720 color video stills, captured at 5-minute intervals, from a 150-hour-long video work made by Ai Weiwei in October 2003. Shot through the windshield of a moving vehicle traveling every road inside the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, the work documents the interstitialspaces in Beijing and reflects on time, location, behavior, and change in Beijing. Also included are the maps used to make the road video.