Обложка книги Ghosts


ISBN: 0966677692;
Издательство: Pond Press
Страниц: 112

Book Description Ghosts is a wondrous look at our relationship with death. In her quest, Tuckerman has traveled to India, Mexico, Brazil and everywhere that "spirit demons relentlessly snap at our souls." Along the way, Ghosts explores half-memories, night shadows and ancestral myths in a style that encompasses literal, mystical and metaphorical elements. Ghosts is sumptuously printed in tritone, with 92 black-and-white infrared photographs, fully capturing Tuckerman's surreal and painterly style. Invoking visitations, possessions, curses, incantations and celebrations, these images hauntingly describe the fear of the Grim Reaper as it perpetuates the ritualization of death. Here the ghosts linger. In these particular environments I sense my own shadows and the shadows of others. There is my strong connection with the history of a place and with the land. I confront death that has many different guises, death by natural causes, death of war and...