Обложка книги Wang Qingsong: Romantique

Wang Qingsong: Romantique

ISBN: 9889726246;
Издательство: Timezone 8
Страниц: 30

Book DescriptionWang Quingsong may be China's answer to David LaChappelle or Pierre et Gilles. His grand, staged photographs have been featured in exhibitions at the International Center of Photography, San Diego Musuem of Art, and the Contemporary Art Center, Montreal. Qingsong's recent tableau photographs are allegories based on masterpieces--both Eastern and Western. Qingsong's modern re-productions are replete with all the kitch and irony of today's Chinese society, in which the old world frequently mingles (to varied results) with the new. Paperback, 9.5 x 11.5 in./30 pgs / 18 color.

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