Обложка книги Armin Linke : Transient

Armin Linke : Transient

ISBN: 8884914922;
Издательство: Skira
Страниц: 224

Book Description This work of Armin Linke is one of modern photography's most startling attempts to fix images of cultural transformations that are taking place on a global scale - images focused both on the actual landscape and on man's place in this new world culture. Organized as both an atlas and "an impossible archive," Transient is a courageous undertaking which creates a new definition for the idea of metamorphosis in a modern world. Transient is the first glimpse of an idea Linke has pursued for the last decade: a project he calls 4flights, for which he has produced thousands of images. This volume presents the first look at what may be a photographic masterpiece, a significant selection of 200 "local" photographs that taken together are a full 360-degree interpretation of the profound, accelerating alteration our world is undergoing. The book is designed by Cornell Windly and includes text and dialogues by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Stefano Boeri, Stalker,...