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Ronald William Horne

Forgotten Faces: A Window Into Our Immigrant Past (Forgotten Faces - America's Lost History)

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ISBN: 0974739529
Издательство: Personal Genesis Publishing
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 192
Book DescriptionForgotten Faces - A Window Into Our Immigrant Past reveals, for the first time, lost American history encapsulated in a beautiful but neglected art form. Forgotten Faces is the first book to explore memorial portraiture as a distinctive art form and acknowledge its contribution to our country?s valued history. In doing so, it reveals a never-before-published photo-panorama of American immigration at the turn of the twentieth century. Forgotten Faces presents a first-ever collection of over 350 well-preserved photo-ceramic memorial portraits. The beginning of a series titled, Forgotten Faces ? America?s Lost History, it demonstrates how a similarly beautiful collection of memorial portraits awaits discovery and exhibition from every major city in the United States. Photo-Ceramic memorial portraits are photographs of the deceased mounted directly on their tombstones. They are made of ceramics the quality of the finest china but made to last...
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