Обложка книги James Fee: The Peleliu Project

James Fee: The Peleliu Project

ISBN: 0971928916;
Издательство: Seraphin Gallery
Страниц: 100

Book DescriptionThe battle of Peleliu began on September 15, 1944. On a six-mile-by-two-mile coral island in the South Pacific, American and Japanese soldiers fought for 73 days under temperatures of up to 115 degrees, and when it was all over and done with, 8,768 Americans were killed or wounded and nearly 10,000 Japanese were dead. Photographer James Fee's father, Russell James Fee, then 21, was one of the marine corpsmen assigned to the battle as a medic, returning with diary and photographs in hand. Fifty-three years later, armed with these keepsakes, his son went to Peleliu to to see with his own eyes the place where his father's vision had taken shape. He himself returned with his own photos, presented here. All available copies of this volume are signed. Essay by Carol McCusker. Foreword by William Levinson. Paperback, 11 x 11 in. 100 pages 55 color illustrations AUTHOR BIO James Fee was born in Knoxville, Iowa, but has been a longtime resident of California. Since...