Обложка книги Luigi Bussolati: AKH Toward the Light

Luigi Bussolati: AKH Toward the Light

ISBN: 8881584131;
Издательство: Charta
Страниц: 84

Book DescriptionLight--the primitive need, the energy that the ancient Egyptians called AKH, the element that evokes mystery--has found an impassioned and meticulous expert in Italian photographer Luigi Bussolati. Born in Colorno, Parma in 1963, Bussolati explains that "every photograph is a leg of a voyage of discovery, an experience in which I try to suspend patterns, judgments, in order to follow a different map drawn by the seeing eye." Starting with darkness and using the ray of light projectors, Bussolati magically traces the outlines of his subjects, creating an atmosphere of enchantment in each of his photographs. Essay by Aldo Carotenuto. hardcover, 11 x 11 in., 84 pages, 60 color, 12 duotone illustrations