Обложка книги Mount Shasta Reflections

Mount Shasta Reflections

ISBN: 1885394608;
Издательство: Amber Lotus
Страниц: 120

Book DescriptionIn far northern California, one of the southernmost Cascade Range volcanoes rises above the valley floor, its glittering white flanks flashing like a signal beacon to residents and travelers. Mount Shasta, towering 14,162 feet, has drawn spiritual seekers, recreation enthusiasts, and leisure travelers since the late 1800s and serves as an anchor for residents who make their homes around it. Mount Shasta Reflections is a keepsake for visitors, an invitation to strangers, and a memoir for people who live near the mountain. It replaces the out-of-print Mount Shasta: Where Heaven and Earth Meet. Ms. English's photographs, supplemented by those of Larry Turner and John Jackson, showcase brilliant sunny days, cool mornings, dark storms, and a variety of wildflowers that grow on the flanks of the mountain and in the surrounding valleys. There are bold close-ups, sweeping vistas, and shots that suggest the intimacy that comes with studying the mountain through a lens. ...

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