Обложка книги Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

ISBN: 0767916409;
Издательство: Broadway
Страниц: 144

Book DescriptionDOES YOUR AUNT MARTHA LOOK LIKE HER COCKER SPANIEL? Is your next-door neighbor the spitting image of his rottweiler? Does your spouse wear spotted pajamas to more closely identify with your dalmatian? We all know someonewhose resemblance to his or her dog is uncanny, baffling, or just downright entertaining. We also know how irresistible it is to spot these look-alikes on the street, in the park, or at the family picnic. Now, there's no need to keep your eagle eyes on constant alert--Gini Graham Scott has done the work for you. She has unleashed her passion, travelled far and wide, and solicited pantingly good photographs from fans of her web site, www.doyoulooklikeyourdog.com, gathering portraits of the world's best dog-human pair-ups. So curl up in front of the fire with your Irish setter or your cockapoo, start turning the pages, and get ready for the ultimate celebration of the canine and the canine-obsessed.

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