Обложка книги Silent Places

Silent Places

ISBN: 1585675164;
Издательство: Overlook TP
Страниц: 180

Book DescriptionSilent Places is an indelibly moving collection of photographic images; their melancholy beauty and emotional depth provide a glimpse into the past and into eternity Jeff Gusky, a doctor of emergency medicine decided, at the age of 42, that he wanted to better confront the reality of modern Jewish history. A self-taught photographer who subsequently learned to make museum quality prints, he "bought a good, journalist-type camera and some lenses" and traveled to Poland?once the home of the largest concentration of Diaspora Jews." He read the instruction manuals on the plane en route. Four trips later, accompanied each time by a top Polish guide, he traveled through the country, beyond the city ghettos and the sites of concentration camps, into remote villages where Jews had lived and worked for almost 1,000 years before the Holocaust?capturing on film the austere landscapes and the remains of a once thriving Jewish culture. The silence is deafening:...