Обложка книги The Canadian Landscape / Le Paysage Canadien

The Canadian Landscape / Le Paysage Canadien

ISBN: 155297989X;
Издательство: Firefly Books
Страниц: 176

Praise for the hardcover edition: "Kraulis has compiled a lovely volume whose simplicity and elegance accentuates rather than overshadows this visual introduction to the beauty of Canada." - Photovision A flash of lightning explodes across a summer sky; a sudden winter storm descends on an otherwise tranquil coastal bay; in a moment of absolute stillness, the surface of a mirror-like lake reflects the world around it. The Canadian Landscape is a collection of more than 125 of Kraulis' exquisite photographs. Each stunning images tells the tale of a vast country and of a photographer's relationship with it. The text consists of a concise introduction and short, descriptive captions that accompany each photograph. The book is organized east to west by region, covering: - Atlantic region and sub Arctic - St. Lawrence and Great Lakes region - Prairies - Rocky Mountains - West coast rain forests and Pacific Ocean. The photographs capture a range of views - from colorful...

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