Обложка книги Wonderland: A Photographer's Journey in the Bisti (Photo (Paperback))

Wonderland: A Photographer's Journey in the Bisti (Photo (Paperback))

ISBN: 0937206806;
Издательство: New Mexico Magazine
Страниц: 88

Book DescriptionCalled a poet of the visual image, Eduardo Fuss has photographed in his native Argentina, Spain, and all across North America. However, the Bisti Wilderness in northwest New Mexico, near Farmington, has inspired his most striking photographs. In 1966, Fuss settled in the United States in Seattle, Washington. He soon traveled across his newly adopted country, working in New York and Connecticut as a painter and curator. In the late 1970s, he returned to the West, traveling through NewMexico, a land that had been instilled in his childhood memory by John Ford westerns and an Ansel Adams photograph of the moon hanging over a village called Hernandez. He bought a camera to capture the light and shadow and mountains of New Mexico. He found the Bisti Wilderness irresistible. Once, when he was there to shoot, high clouds formed. When a thin line of empty sky appeared on the horizon, he set up his equipment. "Suddenly a shaft of light appeared, the clouds providing a...

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