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Hans Silvester

Cats In The Sun

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ISBN: 0811847667, 9780811847667
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 152
Amazon.comThe Cats in the Sun 2000 Calendar celebrates the indomitable spirit of the cat and the breathtaking beauty of the Greek Islands as only acclaimed photographer Hans Silvester can. Full-color photographs selected from Silvester's bestselling books-- Asleep in the Sun , The Mediterranean Cat , and Cats in the Sun --feature a pack of felines doing what they do best: lounging, leaping, playing, and pouncing. This is the ideal accessory for any cat fancier's office wall.Book DescriptionHans Silvester's images are simply "the finest pictures ever taken of cats" (The Atlantic Monthly). With over a quarter of a million copies of his books sold, this classic has returned in an irresistibly chunky paperback trim. Part photography, part armchair travel, and one hundred percent feline worship, Cats in the Sun transports readers to the Greek islands, where cats rule the cobbled streets and rooftops, as much a part of the landscape as the whitewashed buildings and azure...