Обложка книги Labs : Lightweights Littermates

Labs : Lightweights Littermates

ISBN: 1584794690;
Издательство: "Stewart, Tabori and Chang"
Страниц: 80

Book Description Acclaimed animal photographer Sharon Montrose can't resist artfully capturing lovable dogs on film, and few people could resist bringing home her delightful collection of puppies called Lightweights (almost 40,000 copies in print). Now Montrose focuses on two of America's favorite breeds in Labs: Lightweights Littermates and Dachshunds: Lightweights Littermates. It's easy to see why labs and dachshunds are so beloved. Whether huddled together with their fellow littermates or weighing in on vintage scales, these fluffy, cuddly, wriggly pups pack a lot of adorableness per pound. Dachshunds showcases the delightful "hot dog," both standard and miniature, in long, smooth, and wire-hair varieties. Labs spotlights America's all-time favorite breed in charming photos featuring all three colors: black, yellow, and chocolate. Alongside each super-cute picture is the puppy's name, age, and weight. A perfect gift for dog lovers of every...

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