Обложка книги The Ugly Book

The Ugly Book

ISBN: 0764158570;
Издательство: Barrons Educational Series
Страниц: 96

Book Description Here is one more of those delightfully funny gift books, but The Ugly Book is a book with a difference: No sentimentality here! Instead of adorable kittens or winsome pooches, The Ugly Book presents portraits of a warthog, a seriously unkempt boar, the derriere of a rhino, and several lovably funny-looking canines that will never win prizes at the Westminster dog show. A ferociously grinning alligator is presented with a caption that comments on his warm, welcoming smile. And a big, silly-looking dog is described as having ?skin as smooth as a baby?s bottom.? It?s a hilarious look at the more cosmetically-challenged members of the animal kingdom, a collection of animals to make even the most ordinary-looking readers feel positively beautiful by comparison. Full-color photos on every page.

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