Обложка книги Lighthouses


ISBN: 1558686983;
Издательство: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
Страниц: 112

Book DescriptionIn a bygone American era, shipping was crucial in both trade and travel. It was the lighthouse that allowed ships to arrive safely in port, despite rough waters, rocky coasts, and punishing weather. Beacons of safety and hope, these stalwart sentinels of the American coast are still treasured today by mariners and landlubbers alike. LIGHTHOUSES captures the beauty and nostalgia of these lights in the storm. Breathtaking color photography from renowned photographer Laurence Parent reveals the strength and splendor of these coastal beacons. Lighthouse authority Elinor DeWire's fascinating history of United States lighthouses details the stories of both the sentinels and their keepers, from the Northeast coast to the Great Lakes, down to theSouth and the Gulf of Mexico, all the way to the Pacific shore.

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