Обложка книги Room 606 : The Sas House and the Work of Arne Jacobsen

Room 606 : The Sas House and the Work of Arne Jacobsen

ISBN: 0714842893;
Издательство: Phaidon Press
Страниц: 272

Book DescriptionIn the center of Copenhagen, on the sixth floor of the Royal Hotel, a single room preserves in microcosm the definitive masterwork of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Room 606 is the last surviving interior of the SAS House - an unparalleled example of modern architecture and design. Best known beyond his Scan-dinavian homeland as a furniture designer, Jacobsen (1902-1971) was one of the outstanding architects of the twentieth century. Throughout his career, he created complete settings for daily life, dissolving the boundaries between architecture, interior, and indust-rial design. The SAS House represented the pinnacle of these efforts and, by the completion of the project in 1960, Jacobsen had designed every detail, including new furniture such as the now famous Egg and Swan chairs, fabrics, fixtures, and even the silverware. This book presents a unique insight into Jacobsen's work, using the time capsule Room 606 as a lens through which to examine his...

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Room 606: The SAS House and the Work of Arne Jacobsen
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