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Pete Souza

Images of Greatness: An Intimate Look at the Presidency of Ronald Reagan

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ISBN: 1572437014
Издательство: Triumph Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 147
Book DescriptionAmerica has been saddened by the loss of Ronald Reagan, one of its greatest presidents, who provided a vision for his country and the leadership to achieve a lasting mark upon world history. As the Official White House Photographer during five of Ronald Reagan's years as President, Pete Souza had unprecedented access for most of Ronald Reagan's two-term presidency. His photographs chronicling the daily life of our fortieth president provide a lasting tribute to the greatness of Ronald Reagan. With each photo Souza provides a brief first-hand narrative describing the unique background situation. We are privileged to candidly view the president at work, privately, and leading others in the task of governing. Images of Greatness records these private and public moments of eminence, of the mundane, but mostly the unforgettable.