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Tim Hauf

Patagonia: Wild Land at the End of the Earth

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ISBN: 0972074325
Издательство: Tim Hauf Photography
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 168
Book DescriptionPatagonia is a wild and windswept land located near the tip of South America that includes portions of Chile and Argentina. It features spectacular granite towers, some of the biggest glaciers in the southern hemisphere, and grassy steppes where colorful gauchos herd cattle and sheep across limitless prairies. It?s a place that has always appealed to a special kind of traveler, lured by lofty summits and stupendous scenery. It?s the kind of land where you can wander at will and find yourself lost in the most interesting ways. Patagonia exudes a magnetic emptiness that calls forth a commensurate feeling for a newer, fresher, more hopeful world. Photographer Tim Hauf captures the spirit of this remarkable place in over 130 photographs that run the gamut from stunning vistas to intimate details. Conger Beasley provides an illuminating text that describes the fascinating history of this remote world, as well as its remarkable flora and fauna.