Обложка книги Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace

Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace

ISBN: 0974402966;
Издательство: Channel Photographics LLC
Страниц: 207

Book DescriptionExplores the human costs and consequences of war in Bosnia, with photographs that illuminate the promises and contradictions of this post-war society. Marked by ethnic cleansing and the worst genocide since World War II, Bosnia has been quiet since the tanks rolled out and the journalists went home. The country is still deep in the throes of rebuilding a civil society, and this book pays witness to the process: *the exhumation and identification of approximately 20,000 victims of ethnic cleansing *the widows of Srebrenica, who lost more than 7,000 men to the July 1995 massacre by Serbs *refugee families who return to rebuild homes and villages destroyed in the war *the youth of Sarajevo *and the Bosnians who bearscars of war, including the 3K Sarajevo wheelchair basketball team. AUTHORBIO: Sara Terry was a staff writer at the Christian Science Monitor for ten years. Her work has also appeared in the NYT Magazine, Rolling Stone, and the...

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