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Quartet: Four North Carolina Photographers

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ISBN: 0966579879
Издательство: Safe Harbor Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 72
Book Description Quartet offers a sampling of the work of Rob Amberg, Elizabeth Matheson, John Rosenthal, and Caroline Vaughan. Their images, for the most part made in North Carolina, are quiet and passionate, in time and outside of time, revealingboth surface and depth. Mr. Amberg documents life in rural, mountain communities. Ms. Vaughan's landscapes and portraits detail the increments and textures of time. Ms. Matheson's pictures present the architecture of formality that expresses the character of those who built and lived in such spaces as well as what is past and passing. Mr. Rosenthal's photographs freeze ordinary moments thereby allowing us to see in them what is extraordinary and permanent. As Georgann Eubanks notes in her introduction, Quartet presents images "that hum with subtle harmonies, each photographer adding another dimension to the resonant chord, all reminding us that against the din of digital media, there is yet a place for still images and...
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