Обложка книги Baghdad Truth Lies Within

Baghdad Truth Lies Within

ISBN: 9055445088;
Издательство: Ludion
Страниц: 239

Book Description Truth Lies Within tells the story of the people in the ancient city of Baghdad, before, during, and after the war that took place in Iraq in the spring of 2003. It tells the story of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime and of the chaos which accompanied the arrival of the Americans. But more than anything else, as its title suggests, this book is concerned with telling the truth--and rightly so, because few wars of modern times have ever been so lied about. An emotional diary of 200 photographs, Truth Lies Within also includes written contributions from highly esteemed journalists. Jon Lee Anderson, foreign correspondant with The New Yorker , who was embedded in Baghdad as the bombs fell, offers a preface. Observations come from Monica G. Prieto of El Mundo . And John Morris, the photo editor of The New York Times during the Vietnam War, closes the book with an afterword. In the end, the only palpable truth to be found in Baghdad...