Обложка книги Morad Bouchakour: Party! In the Netherlands

Morad Bouchakour: Party! In the Netherlands

ISBN: 9075380593;
Издательство: Artimo
Страниц: 168

Book DescriptionFor a photographic research project and exhibition meant to document a subject of Dutch cultural life, photographer Morad Bouchakour visited numerous and various parties throughout Holland, from the wedding of Dutch crown prince Willem Alexander and Maxima Zorreguieta to intimate birthday celebrations and birth rituals, from bachelor parties to massive raves and hard-core gay bashes. It's a rocking good time. Edited by Natasja Reeuwijk. Essay by Bas Heijne. Hardcover, 9.5 x 11.75 in., 168 pages, 100 color illustrations