Обложка книги The Scots: A Photohistory

The Scots: A Photohistory

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ISBN: 0500511357; 9780500511350;
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Страниц: 224

In the decade after 1839, when Louis Daguerre revealed his photographic process to the world, Scotland became enamored of the new art. Over the next century, Scottish photographers captured a stunning visual record of their land and its people, their mixed fortunes, hopes, and aspirations. Their achievements?never before collected together so tellingly?document a century of profound contrasts, of division, upheaval, and change that recast forever the character of Scotland. Here are the triumphs of self-confident Scotland?the completion of the Forth Bridge and the stream of vessels that slid down the slipways of the Clyde to bind together a far-flung empire?but also its injustices, the story of the urban and rural poor, and the evictions that drove people from the land to seek work in the cities or renewed hope in emigration to the New World. Scotland has always been the country of the "lad o' pairts," the youth from the unpromising, impoverished, often...