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The Ramones

ISBN: 1903399815; 9781903399811;
Издательство: Vision on Publishing
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionThe Ramones must now rank as one of the most brilliant prototypes ever. The New York CBGBs scene graduates helped spark British punk in the '70s, inspired US hardcore through the '80s and '90s, and again their 1-2-3-4 attackk style has resurfaced in international garage rock revivalism. Undoubtedly the genius of the four leather-jacketed 'brudders' from Queens lay in their ability to subvert all-American machismo with cartoon geekishness, as much as in their fusion of '60s girl group tunes and punk. In order to convey the Goofy-goes-Alice Cooper aesthetic they needed great image makers, and one of the earliest and best was New York photographer Chip Dayton. Whilst studying photgraphy in the mid-'70s, Dayton took a borrowed Canon F-1 downto the now legendary CBGBs club and began a series of live shots which would eventually comprise the seminal Ramones action frames. His extensive collection of black and whites from their buzz-saw gigs defined the band's appeal...