Обложка книги DJ's by Lopez: Portrait Photography of International DJ's

DJ's by Lopez: Portrait Photography of International DJ's

ISBN: 1904332048;
Издательство: Artist's and Photographers' Press Ltd
Страниц: 200

Book Description Club DJ's--the people who spin the trendsetting, cutting-edge music at popular dance clubs--are the pop stars of the 21st century. Chris Lopez, the in-house photographer for Sony Music, has had the pleasure of capturing some of the biggest international names in this glittering universe, and his collection of remarkable images is sure to become the definitive body of work on this fascinating subject. Here are 100 of the beautiful people of the modern music industry, away from the dance floor and up-close and personal. Some of the photos were taken at the DJ's home, some on location, and some in the studio. Their true spirit and vibrant personalities shine through in these beautiful pictures and in their own words. Among the DJ's included are: Goldie * Todd Terry * Giles Patterson * Carl Cox * Nicky Hiloway * Danny Rampling * Moonface * Danny Hows * CJ Mak * Smoking Jo * DJ Heaven * Dave Angel and 36 more!

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