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Veronique Vial

Hollywood Splash

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ISBN: 1576871835
Издательство: powerHouse Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 192
Book DescriptionIntegral to the image of Southern California glamour and success, the luxurious backyard pool symbolizes fun in the sun for those have made it-vivid, aqueous proof of the American Dream hard at play. As an icon of prosperity, as well as an instrument of a healthy lifestyle, the pool is one of the supreme status symbols dating back to the time of The Great Gatsby and a glamorous Hollywood of the silent era. More than an athletic facility, the pool is designed for socializing, frolicking, sunbathing, skinny-dipping...in short having loud, splashy fun. In Hollywood Splash, famed photographer Veronique Vial, author of the blockbuster bestseller Women Before 10 A.M. (powerHouse Books HC: 1998, PB: 2001), takes a dip into the private poolsand captures rare and unguarded moments of some of today's top actors and models playfully cavorting and hamming it up for the camera. Hollywood Splash includes photographs of models Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, and Angie Everhart;...
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