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Maya Angelou

Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging

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ISBN: 082122879X
Издательство: Bulfinch
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 128
Book DescriptionA new paperback edition of Chester Higgins, Jr.'s stirring collection of portraits, reissued to tie in with Black History Month. ELDER GRACE is a love song to the nobility of aging, with a personal foreword from Maya Angelou. This powerful book based on the traveling photographic exhibition of the same name features personal portraits of African-American elders and their thoughts about the experience of aging. The process of aging for some elder people can translate into a mysterious reservoir of wisdom-people who miraculously blossom, seasoned by years of living. Through the lens of his camera, Chester Higgins, Jr. takes a look at eighty thriving African-American men and women who found beauty within themselves and are experiencing agingwith energy, wit, and grace. Alongside each portrait are comments from the subjects that express a collective wisdom about life and aging. As our population grows older and begins to sift through and reflect upon life experiences, the...
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