Обложка книги Under One Sky

Under One Sky

ISBN: 0804742669;
Издательство: Stanford University Press
Страниц: 94

Book DescriptionReach into the heart and soul of people from every inhabited continent through sixty tour de force black-and-white portraits by Margo Davis. "Under One Sky" is a collection of nearly forty years of portrait making by one of the inheritorsof California?s photographic legacy. "Esthetically powerful and convincing" were words used by Ansel Adams in 1968 to describe the work of Davis (nee Baumgarten) and her fellow students. Indeed, the same words can be used today in describing these portraits. As Davis says in her accompanying essay, "A portrait that has the power to truly look inward can shake us up and make us question our assumptions. Like the finest literature, a powerful photographic portrait permits us to leap into the other?s mind and heart."

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