Обложка книги Martinez Celaya: Early Work

Martinez Celaya: Early Work

ISBN: 0967360862;
Издательство: Whale & Star
Страниц: 392

Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Whale and Star Press Enrique MartA­nez Celaya’s aesthetic project revives and reinterprets the classic Western metaphysical tradition relating aesthetics to ethics, the Beautiful to the Good and the True. His work embodies his belief that being a certain kind of artist means being a certain kind of person and that in and through art he gains clarity about himself and his relationship to the world. His project is thus profoundly ethical and, in important ways, spiritual. Through art MartA­nez Celaya reconciles himself to the world as he reconciles his past with his present and projects his future. This volume also participates in the process of reconciliation and projection by interpreting his work through the series, cycles, and projects, which include painting, sculpture, photographs, poetry, and prose that have defined it since the mid-1990s. Curator...

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