Обложка книги Rosalind Solomon: Polish Shadow

Rosalind Solomon: Polish Shadow

ISBN: 3865211992; 9783865211996;
Издательство: Steidl /Steidl Publishing
Страниц: 80

For over 30 years Rosalind Solomon has been producing emotional imagery that pulls the viewer into a world of sun and shadow where past and present intersect. As she explains of the light and shadow here, A¬I made my first pictures in Poland in 1988 during a time of political change, and returned there in 2003 in an era of increasing violence and inhumanity worldwide.A® All of the images in Polish Shadow are of individuals, their relationships and environments, and each observes and comments on Poland and the larger world: some evoke the darkness of an earlier era and the ghosts of ethnic violence, while others capture a moment in the forward-marching life of modern Europe. As one critic has put it, A¬Solomon embraces her subjects with unusual warmth--a combination of candor, curiosity and concern,A® and that combination of factors can make her photographs as gut-wrenching as they are technically excellent.

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