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Quebec 1850-1950

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ISBN: 1554070414
Издательство: Firefly Books Ltd
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 304
Book DescriptionThe story of a forgotten way of life, captured in photographs Rarely has the essence of a people and their land been revealed as eloquently as in this collection of photographs of life in Quebec during the years 1850-1950. During that century Quebec became a province, rose to prominence in Canada, settled the wilderness, and developed a unique cultural and linguistic identity. It is fortunate that so many high-quality photographs, some taken by celebrated photographers such as William Notman, have survived to give us a glimpse into life over the changing decades. The images, carefully selected from the Quebec Archives, capture the wonder and hardship of early settlers and city dwellers who farmed the land, harvested the sea and forest, and built homes out of the wilderness. The coming of the railway is shown, along with the transition from sail to steam, the arrival of the automobile and the growth of cities. There are scenes of celebrations and struggles,...