Обложка книги Through the Viewing Glass : Reflections on Photographing Children

Through the Viewing Glass : Reflections on Photographing Children

ISBN: 0743483588;
Издательство: Atria
Страниц: 96

Book Description A child's story told through photographs, a parent's perspective as photographer, and, in the middle, the camera. With its whimsical images and illuminating text, Through the Viewing Glass is a delightful and thoughtful look atlife on both sides of the lens. More than a collection of photographs, Through the Viewing Glass raises questions of reality and perception, exploration and discovery, relationships and recollections. Punctuated with quotes from Lewis Carroll's characters and inventive design elements to fit the irreverent dialogue, it is a boy's tale of being pursued by a camera. But it doesn't end there: In Through the Viewing Glass, the authors take the reader beneath the surface, putting the interactions between ardent picture-taker and witty subject in focus. The pictures in the book visually represent a mother's wishful thinking -- idyllic scenes of childhood; the words give voice to her subversive offspring, exposing the...