Обложка книги Wonderful Xinjiang (Cultural China, Man and the Land)

Wonderful Xinjiang (Cultural China, Man and the Land)

ISBN: 0762106395;
Издательство: Readers Digest
Страниц: 248

Book Description Follow a renowned Chinese writer to the country's western region of Xinjiang, where his heart was captured by its natural magnificence and panorama of multiethnic culture. Take a journey with Wang Meng as he relives what he encountered when he moved his family to this beautiful exotic land. Over 300 stunning photographs will transport you to the diverse scenery of Xinjiang, which is situated in northwestern China and includes Mongolia, Russia, and Afghanistan among its neighbors. The Han ethnic group makes up 40 percent of the population, while the remaining 60 percent is comprised of 47 minority groups-13 of which have lived in Xinjiang for centuries. Iron, steel, leather and textiles are some of its major industries. Discover a place so different from our own land by exploring breathtaking vistas, such as the Ili River, with its churning water and whitecaps. Meet the people, such as beekeepers and herders, and learn the culture as you observe the...

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