Обложка книги Over Southeast Florida

Over Southeast Florida

ISBN: 1561643386;
Издательство: Pineapple Press (FL)
Страниц: 72

Book DescriptionSoutheast Florida?the magic tip of the Florida peninsula. Charles Feil offers it to you from a bird?s-eye view, or rather, the view from his little gyroplane, Rooty Kazooty, as he buzzes over the beach, the cities, the Everglades, and the ever-shimmering waters of the Atlantic and its bays and inlets. The tour begins in Miami, and includes Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Vizcaya, Biscayne Bay. On we go, south to Florida City and Homestead and the farmlands to their west. Then we swoop over the mostly uninhabited Everglades. Here we see fires, and airboats, and sunsets, and the homes and villages of the Seminoles and Miccosukees. We fly north to Broward County with its main city, Ft. Lauderdale. We gaze at huge ships navigating the Hillsboro Inlet and then zip over to the beach and soar all along the coast of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We encounter the contrasts of plush Palm Beach and more urban West Palm Beach and the Mediterranean...

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