Обложка книги Essential ActionScript 2.0

Essential ActionScript 2.0

ISBN: 5-93286-087-1; 0-596-00652-7;
Издательство: O'Reilly
Страниц: 528

In Essential ActionScript 2.0 , bestselling author Colin Moock covers everything you'll need to know about the new ActionScript language and its methodologies. Moock guides readers through this important new territory with his trademark easy-to-understand style and expertise. The book begins with a tour of the language, including the fundamentals of object-oriented concepts, syntax, and usage. The next part of the book shows how to structure entire applications with ActionScript 2.0, teaching you best practices and techniques to build scalable, extensible, stable apps. Finally, you'll explore a variety of approaches to various programming situations by applying object-oriented programming strategies, known as design patterns, to Flash. Experienced Flash developers and programmers coming from other languages will enjoy the sheer depth of Moocks's coverage and expertise in Essential ActionScript 2.0 . Novice programmers will appreciate the frequent, low-jargon...

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