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Michael L. Galaty, Charles Watkinson

Archaeology Under Dictatorship

Обложка книги Archaeology Under Dictatorship

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ISBN: 0306485095
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 228
Archaeological knowledge is not created in a vacuum and our understanding of the past is profoundly affected by political ideologies. In fact, a relationship between politics and archaeology develops to some degree in every nation, regardless of social and economic circumstances. The connections between politics and archaeology become most visible, however, within a totalitarian dictatorship, when a dictator seeks to create and legitimize new state-supported ideologies. Any dictator may attempt to control and exploit the past, often by directly controlling archaeologists. The degree to which a nation's archaeological system may continue to be affected after the fall of the dictator depends upon both the previous regime's ideological position and its level of dependence upon archaeology, and the response of archaeologists to the regime, collectively and individually. Archaeology Under Dictatorship demonstrates that the study of archaeology as it evolved under modern...