Обложка книги Executive Search in France & Europe

Executive Search in France & Europe

ISBN: 2951315074;
Издательство: Top Executive Search Survey - Division of B & ASSOC.

PREFACE For companies today, recruiting is still on the agenda, and even if some sectors such as Telecommunications, Internet, Banking and some computer manufacturers have reevaluated their needs in dynamic executives and lower-level managers, most other sectors have apparently hung on and keep on creating jobs or replacing people who leave the company. The present study, like the previous ones in October 1998 and in July 2000, is intended as a tool for Managers or their advisors (HRM, Board of Directors, etc.), to help them make up their own minds on who will be the provider best able to fulfil their expectations, whether in the framework of a simple search-contract or a full partnership with their consultancy firm. In this time of changing and evolving information, communication and contact means and resources, prompting us to work somewhat differently, we have felt it necessary to add a kind of supplement to the study, first in the guise of a CD-ROM related to this...