Обложка книги Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine: Zhong Yi Xue Ji Chu

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine: Zhong Yi Xue Ji Chu

ISBN: 0912111445;
Издательство: Paradigm Publications (MA)
Страниц: 532

English translations of traditional Chinese medical texts rarely have conformed to the standards required of a contribution to sinology. One exception has been the first edition of Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, a ground-breaking translation of the Zhong Yi Ji Chu Xue which demonstrated that not only was it possible to meet scholarly expectations for the translations of T.C.M, but that the cooperation of living Chinese speaking clinicians could reveal nuances of practice. Beyond beginner's manuals, it gives English-speaking students of TCM a chance to appreciate the qualitative details available to their Chinese-speaking colleagues. It offers readers the rare opportunity to understand Chinese medicine, not as it is perceived by a Western writer, but as it is perceived and taught in China, because Chinese descriptions of TCM that confound Western expectations have not been expunged from the textual translation. The newly revised edition incorporates experience from...